Ah C'mon, Facebook are Making Us Download Yet Another App

Remember when Facebook made you download their new Messenger app in order to converse privately with your FB friends despite being able to do that previously with their Facebook app? Well, now they're doing one for photos called 'Moments'. And it's bound to take up even more room on your phone - yaaaaay.

According to reports, the Moments app is already available - should you wish to stay ahead of the game/not feel like you're being forced into downloading it come January 10th whereupon you'll need it to share any photos on Facebook. As if January wasn't difficult enough?!

Of their new mandatory app, Facebook said: "Photos you’ve privately synced from your phone will move to our new app Moments on January 10, and photo syncing on Facebook will end."


"Sharenting" just got momentarily more difficult...

What do you think about having to download another app to use what you already can use via your FB app?

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