How to check if someone has dared mute you on Twitter

We could be opening Pandora's box here, but there is now a secret trick you can use to find out if somebody has muted you on Twitter.

For those not familiar with the concept, muting someone on Twitter means they won't appear in your newsfeed anymore even though you'll still be listed as a follower. It's the Twitter equivalent of "hiding all" from someone on Facebook without unfriending them.

We're in two minds about muting. On one hand we see that it's quite a useful tool, there are some people out there that annoy us and we don't want to hurt their feelings by unfollowing them. On the other hand, how dare someone remove US from their newsfeed!

If you're in the latter category and you feel you simply must know if someone has muted you then here's how to go about it. Open up Tweetdeck and make a “Home” column for the person you suspect has muted you. If you don’t appear in there, then you’re muted — you can do a tweet to be sure. If you want to see whether other people have muted you, then you’ll have to go into Tweetdeck and create a new Home column for each person.

The important thing is to remember to act like a mature and rational adult if you find anyone that's muted you.



Via Independent UK

Would you be tempted to go through all 1457 of your Twitter friends?

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