Bad Hair Day or Not Portia de Rossi Has One Impressive Head of Hair

While she doesn't exactly seem amused at her wife, Ellen, sharing these supposed 'bad hair day' pics, we're sure she OK'd them beforehand. She is a very good actress (she made Arrested Development and who could forget Nell from Ally McBeal #idol), so she's probably just feigning the repeated "OH MY GAAWWDS" when Ellen flashes up yet another picture of her wife's "thick" hair.

Some might say it resembles a wild yet malleable thicket that Worzel Gummidge would be proud of, others (us) want to do a head transplant with her. Sure, look at how it turns out in the interview. Flawless!

But would we kill Ellen? Yes, we would.


Do you suffer from hair envy? Who's head of hair would you sell your designer handbag for?

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