Wonders: Do You Pee In Front Of Your Partner?

The last movie I saw in the cinema was Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan, and while it's been getting some rave reviews from critics and other cinema-goers I have to tell you that I did not love it. It left me feeling emotionally wrung out (although on the plus side, at least now I know that the key to a heart-wrenchingly good soundtrack is lots of Leonard Cohen.)

Anyway, one of the things I noticed during the flick was that Williams' female protagonist pees in front of her husband a lot while he looks on/brushes his teeth/flosses.  Well, I say "pees" but now that I really think about it there might also have been a number two (or two) in the mix at some stage; I guess Rogan's character was also wondering if it would be impolite to strike a match.

The motif of Williams' character on the jacks while a significant other is hanging out in the bathroom is one that recurs throughout the movie, where it's used to call the viewer's attention to relationships in decline as they slide towards over-familiarity and tedium.

I personally think that there are some things in a relationship that just don't need to be shared - like used tissues, say, or how enjoyable you find squeezing ingrown hairs free of the skin - and I reckon that toilet time is definitely on that list. That's not because I'm a prude, or think there's something inherently shameful about using the toilet or anything ridiculous like that, and I certainly don't subscribe to the notion that women should strive to maintain an air of mystery to keep the menfolk interested, as I've seen some magazines delicately put it.



I just sort of feel that I don't need or want to see anyone doing their loo-based business, ta very much.

Since I saw the movie, I've been wondering how widespread a practise this is. I personally only know of one couple who admitted going to the toilet in front of each other and, well, they're no longer together.

I'm just sayin'.


How about you ladies? Where do you stand (or, er, sit) on the question of peeing in front of your partner?

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