Beginners Pilates: First Impressions

So in addition to taking up circuit training and mortifying myself during the very first class, I have recently started into Beginners Pilates. This is all very unlike me. Usually, my idea of strenuous exercise involves getting up off the couch to make tea during ad breaks and I have yet to make it past Week 2, Day 2 of the Couchto5k running programme, but Himself's sister is getting married in July. She's not particularly Bridezilla in most ways, in fact she might be the most laid back bride I've ever come across, but she is like a woman posessed about toning up for the big day and was looking for a plus one for the gym time.

Ironically, she decided not to stick with the Pilates in the end, but I signed up for the full 6-week course. I've been talking about doing Pilates for ever and reckoned that my shocking weak back muscles and slouchy posture couldn't help but benefit from classes that would strengthen my core muscles.


I've only being doing it for a couple of weeks so far but my flexibility has already improved immensely, my posture seems better, and I think I'm less stressy. Yep, I'm very much enjoying them. Almost as much as I'm enjoying saying "No, I can't tonight, I have me Pilates!" in manner of the bloke off the Brennan's bread ad at every opportunity.

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