Big Brother is back tonight and they've already got a HUGE twist

Another (wet) summer, another season of watching wannabes kick and scream their way to notoriety and 15 seconds of fame all for our viewing pleasure. It's not the TV we want, but it's the TV we deserve.

This year's show kicks off on 3e tonight and the theme is "The United Kingdom of Big Brother", so hopefully that will eliminate any Irish people from competing and embarrassing the nation once again (although it's a bit of an annual tradition now, isn't it?).

What that means is the house is decked out like a postcard of country Britain as seen by someone who watches The Great British Bake Off and nothing else.

And ahead of the show's launch, they've revealed their first big twist of the season which is putting the selection of the final housemate in the hands of the viewing public.

Yes, tonight, after nearly all the other housemates have trudged up the stairs and into the house, viewers will be asked to pick the final housemate going in.


"There will be one final housemate position up for grabs which will be decided by the public in tonight's live launch, from a selection of candidates," a Big Brother spokeswoman told Mirror Online.

"The lucky housemate voted in by the public will become the People's Housemate and will hold great power within the house, even having access to the outside world."

That doesn't really sound like the Big Brother we're used to but then this show went off the rails years ago so who are we to complain.

And while we're at it, here's your look at the Diary Room chair (which has gone all your nan's old sofa this year).


'Big Brother' starts tonight at 9 pm on 3e.

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