Former Big Brother winner blasts 'biased' host Emma Willis

Eh, nobody puts Emma Willis in a corner, or eh, slags her off... you know what we mean.

Controversial Big Brother 15 winner Helen Wood has been badmouthing the show's host in a recent piece she wrote for the Daily Star, describing Emma as "biased as f**k" as she never tries to hide who her favourites are.

"She really does stand out from the crowd in the presenting world, face of an angel but frostier than a bag of Iceland's frozen peas," she said.

"That lass really doesn't shy away from the fact that she has her favourites, does she?

"Listen, I'm not soft in the head. Everyone has personal preferences, that's natural. But what I cannot get my head around is how she blatantly laughs off certain behaviours from people she likes yet roasts other housemates she despises for doing the exact same thing. She's about as neutral as Scotty T is when it comes to being celibate."

Jaysus. Say how you really feel, Helen. Oh wait, nobody cares.


Helen went on to talk about her infamous fight with fellow housemate Brian Belo when she returned for BB16 where she told him he looked like a rapist and a murderer, leading to Brian hopping over the wall and leaving the house.

Referring to her exit interview, Helen said, "Emma went in for me tooth and nail despite the fact there are two sides to every story. Sorry, but that bitch never wants to hear the truth about [her] side."

The salon manager from Bolton also said how she didn't like what she felt to be the double standard between how Emma treated the likes of Stephanie Davis and Stephen Bear for cheating in the house as opposed to Bianca Gascoigne in the most recent series.

"I'm no fan of Steph or Bear, but fair is fair. Why does everyone not get the same treatment?" she said. "Grab a dictionary, Em. Flick the pages to the letter 'B'. Look up the word 'bias'. Then maybe get BB to add it to your contract considering the fat pay cheque you no doubt get."

Helen went on to suggest that Rylan Clark-Neal should be made host of the show: "He'd make a cracking presenter. Whenever I've been on the [Bit on the Side] panel, he's always been so sweet and had me in his dressing room.

"He's genuinely interested in what's going on in the show too, and comes at it impartially."


Emma Willis has declined to comment on the remarks so far - she's classy like that.

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