Big Brother viewers outraged as Chloe rubs herself on Jedward's John

Get your arse off our Jedward!

Whatever we may think of those Jedward boys, we're not having some Geordie Shore lass trying to make a fool of them.

As you may have heard, the Dublin lads are over in the Celebrity Big Brother house for a stint, and we have to say, they're holding their own well in there, and as off the wall as they can be, they seem downright normal compared to some of that lot.

Last night was a prime example, as Geordie Shore's Chloe decided to rub her arse up against John when she got out of the shower, saying "That’s what you call a real woman’s bum!"

Eh, first off, if the roles had been reversed there, the offender probably would have been removed from the house on the spot, and considering how much flack Chloe's Geordie Shore co-star Marnie got last year for flashing at Loose Women's Saira Khan, she should really have known better.

John handled it well but was clearly uncomfortable with the situation, saying, "Jesus, what are you doing? Oh God, I can’t even look at you right now. I just can’t. What are you doing to us?"


Viewers were not impressed with Chloe's behaviour either...


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