Big Brother's Ellie told an offensive Irish joke last night & viewer's were not happy

This summer's Big Brother seems to just be one scandal after another, between aggressive housemates being thrown out and security being brought in to deal with brawls.

Last night, however, it was us Irish that somehow ended up being the butt of a joke as Ellie decided to entertain a few of her fellow housemates with a gag.

The format of the joke would be familiar to many, the classic 'Englishman v Scotsman v Irishman'. The punchline went like this:

"The Scottishman [Scotsman] says, 'I'll take a car seat so when I get tired, I can have a sit down'," she told fellow housemates Tom Barber and Charlotte Keys.

"The Englishman goes, 'I'm going to take the radiator in the car, because if I need to drink there's water in there'.

"Well, the Irishman says, 'I'm going to take the side of the door'. And they were like, 'Why's that?'

"And he was like, 'Well, if it gets too warm, I can wind my window down."

Queue Ellie laughing hysterically.

Now it wouldn't exactly make you want to throw your shoe at the telly in outrage, (or your drink, as is popular in that gaff), but still, a lot of viewers were not happy about it...



Channel 5 have not commented.

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