Bono's Boobs? Oh please are you kidding me?


Splashing around with Ali on his holliers, Bono cut a fine figure of a man emerging from the sea.

But surprise, surprise the the Daily Mail didn't think so . He was lambasted for the following: moobs; sunburn; middle age spread and a lack of sunglasses.

I don't see any of the first three and as for his trademark sunglasses: he was in the sea people. Swimming. Why the hell would he have sunglasses on?


Oh and I nearly forgot, they reckon he's got a goatee now, which they don't like either. Looks like he can't do anything right - and they weren't even discussing his tax affairs.

Leaving aside all super rich tax trickery, for a man of 48 I think Bono is looking good. What do you think?

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