Careful of Your Eyes, Love: Fashion Fails at Last Night's AmfAR Gala

There was a duel to the mammary-death last night at the AmfAR Inspiration Gala and no prizes whatsoever for guessing who was involved….

Yes, unsurprisingly enough, the main competitors were Rihanna (who spent a reported $135k on two items at last night's gala, neither of which were a bra) and Miley Cyrus (who has just been announced as the latest face Mac's Viva Glam).

Now may be the appropriate time to point out that the AmfAR Galas are all about raising awareness for AIDS research, not about starlets getting their starlets out.

And because going braless simply wasn't enough, Rihanna also broke out the sheer black stockings.

If you fancy obtaining a dress like Rihanna's or Miley's, you may want to break into the piggy bank as presumably they're Tom Ford creations given last night's event was in honour of the designer. Alternatively you could get busy with some pink flowers, a net curtain and tinfoil, or lash a load of gaffer tape onto your unmentionables for a similar effect. Hey, it is Halloween.


Do spare a thought for model Alessandra Ambrosio who went to the bother of going sans any form of underwear and still got outshone by the above.

Those who chose to go down the more modest boobular route included host Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone (who's starting to resemble Jessica Lange, it has to be said), Michelle Rodriguez, Lea Michele, Dita Von Teese, and Natasha Bedingfield. Still not sure how she's getting herself invited to these high profile events, but sure fair play to her.

My favourite dress was worn by Kat Dennings. Anyone who can carry off being cast in molten mercury is pure class in our books. True, she does look like she's wistfully imagining being sploged out in a pair of pjs, but it's still my look of the night.

So tell us, what do you make of the style at the Gala? Should they all be collected by their respective Mammies and brought home immediately to think about what they've done or do you say have at it and shake what your (now scandalised) Mama gave you? And whose is your favourite look from our gallery below?


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