Could Este Haim be Hozier's 'Something New'?

We're kinda damn jealous not to be at Coachella. Not just for the gorgeous weather and the chance to wear our festival outfits in April but to witness the possible start of a definitely beautiful relationship between two of the the coolest guys in music at the moment.

And you though they were just collaborating onstage at Coachella

As rumours circulate involving cohorts Calvin Harris banning Taylor Swift (AKA Caylor - apologies, it's stuck) from penning any songs about him EVER, we find ourselves infinitely more interested in this here vid Hozier posted to his Instagram a matter of hours ago.


For those of you struggling to recognise Este Haim, that's possible because she's not pulling an array of faces, while throttling a bass. And that's all we'll say about pulling impassioned faces.

Are you a fan of Hozier or Este's band with her sisters, Haim? Don't they make a handsome couple? 

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