Danny Dyer Engaged to Partner of 20 Years After She Proposes

Danny Dyer's partner of two decades, Joanne Mas, got fed up of waiting and popped the question on Valentine's Day. So a bit like Lindar and Mick on EastEnders, but not quite. 

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Mas said: "I've always wanted to marry Danny and I decided that if I didn't get things moving, it would never happen. I never wanted to get married when the children were babies because I wanted to let my hair down and enjoy the day... But we have had our little boy now and we're not going to have any more, so the time is right."

As for Danny, well, he never got round to it 'cause he's scared of rejection. Yep, an actor scared of rejection. The 37-year-old actor added: "It was a complete bolt out of the blue but I'm so glad she did it because I don’t think I could have taken the rejection. I love the fact Jo proposed."

Yep. Total bolt out of the blue after 20 years, and a chisler, and your onscreen character gets proposed to by his partner of 20 odd years...

This begs the question, would you propose to the other half after a few years/several decades to "get things moving"? Or would you up sticks while humming Beyonce's Single Ladies, or just become increasingly disillusioned with your relationship but soldier on regardless.


Hey, it's a modern world, does it always have to be the man? 

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