Detox and fitness off to a shaky start. Actually off to no start at all

You know, every January we're in a mad rush to talk about detoxing and diets after the piggery of Christmas - but this year I've sensed a bit of reluctance.

Maybe that's just me with the reluctance ... I have done no detoxing as yet, nor have I made any effort whatsoever to shift the muffin top that's taken up evil residence at the top of my jeans.

In fact yesterday I ate half a tube of Smarties that I discovered had survived the post Christmas cull (cull involves me throwing crap like this in the bin on New Year's Day, determined that such things will never pass my lips again).

Forget about Couch to 5k or the 30 Day Shred - I'm still on a regime of Couch to Fridge.


What about you?  Started a diet/a gym membership/done anything to shake of the unhealthiness of Crimbo?

And has anyone even taken their Wii Fit out of the box yet?

If you have - let me know!

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