Do You Live Near the Smelliest or Noisiest Places in Ireland?

When we were young, one member of Team Beaut lived near a mill owned by a baking company. Jays lads, grain does not smell good.

The Enviromental Protection Agency(EPA) have released a list of places that receive the most amount of complaints regarding odour. The data comes from 2014, a year that saw the agency receive 750 official odour complaints.

Of the 750 complaints, 70% of them came about the places on the top 10 list. Without further ado, here are our smelliest sites.

The EPA doesn't just deal with complaints regarding smell though, they also handle noise complaints. This is just a top five, and seeing as 80% of the complaints received included the places on this list, we can only imagine the frustration of the locals.

Via The Journal

Do live in any of these places? Have you had to make a complaint over noise or smell before (and we're not talking about the students next door or your boyfriend when he comes home from 5-a-side!).


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