EastEnders have a new family arriving tonight to stir sh*t up

Prepare yourselves EastEnders fans, there's a new family about to storm into Albert Square tonight to take up residence at Number 23. 

Called the Taylors, they are pretty much going to be EastEnders equivalent of the Battersbys on Corrie back in the day.

The matriarch of the family is single mum Karen, who is joined by her five kids: Benidorm actor Danny Walters and TV newcomer Clair Norris have been cast as Karen's older children Keanu and Bernadette, while real-life siblings Tom and Alfie Jacobs will play younger brothers Riley and Chatham. They will also be bringing a new pet to the Square, as their dog Bronson joins them.

The family are set for some explosive storylines and are rattling feathers before they've even unpacked.


Have a look at them in action below:

Catch EastEnders tonight on RTE1 and BBC One at 7.30pm.

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