New EastEnders family moving to Albert Square in the New Year

It's all go on Albert Square these days, what with that Wilmott-Brown fella wreaking havoc on everyone's lives from his dark corner, but there's a bit of light coming soon in the form of a new family, and they're the relations of a familiar face to Walford.

Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) is set to return to the Square shortly after a year's absence and following him will be his aunt and uncle Mariam and Arshad. The couple will rent Masood's house when they arrive in the New Year and have some big storylines ahead of them.

An EastEnders spokesperson said, "The Ahmed’s have lived in London for most of their lives but wanting a bigger house to enable them to continue with their fostering, they decide to take Masood up on his offer of renting number 41.

"Little do they know what awaits them when they set foot in Albert Square. The Ahmed’s arrival in Walford is certainly not the hassle-free move they were expecting and immediately find themselves caught up in the middle of other people’s drama."

Apparently, more of Masood's relatives are set to follow too, with EastEnders Creative Director John Yorke saying, "We’ve always known that Masood came from a big family, and the time has now come to reveal a few more of them, of which Mariam and Arshad are just the first.


"Nitin has been invaluable to the show since he and the Masoods first rolled up in Albert Square. We’re really excited to bring in the next generation of the family, for some incredibly challenging, fun and exciting stories ahead.’

Mariam will be played by actress Indira Joshi, known for her role in the Kumars at No. 42. She said of her new role, "I’m over the moon to be joining EastEnders and to be part of the Ahmed family. I’m really looking forward to working with Madhav and Nitin as well as the rest of the cast".

Her husband Arshad is played by Madhav Sharma, who has had roles in Doctor Who and Casualty among many stage appearances. He said, "It’s really great to be joining EastEnders and I’m excited to be part of the Ahmed family. The first continuing drama I starred in was on the BBC so this is like coming home for me. I’m really looking forward to playing Arshad."

You can catch these EastEnders newcomers on screen for the first time early next year.

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