Everyone's talking about Taylor Swift's choker

Swift's dinner date for the evening - Behati Prinsaloo (who's currently pregnant with hubby Adam Levine's child) - also wore a choker, but no one is talking about that... possibly because Behati's choker choice didn't clock in at over a reported $2,000.

The intrepid people at Us Weekly have managed to track down Taylor's entire outfit. The ripped skinny jeans are Frame and cost $199. The shoes are Christian Louboutin’s Karina booties, while the bag is Chloe Hudson ($1,890). The talking point however is the cowhide from carbonandhyde.com, which will set you back a mere $2,185. Well, it does come adorned with 14 carat gold pendant embossed with diamonds.

This isn't the first time Taylor's rocked a choker. This one, however, looks slightly more accessible.


Are you a fan of the 90s look? Did you wear it the first time around?

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