When J-Law Met Gaga at the Oscars Luncheon

No one would blame you for immediately jumping to the obvious presumption; some of us have seen Jennifer Lawrence around Kris Jenner - of COURSE she was the one who approached Gaga for a photo at yesterday's Oscars Luncheon?! Especially as she played an absolute belter singing the Star Spangled Banner at Sunday's Superbowl???

Wrong. Gaga approached fellow nominee Lawrence and requested a photo, which she promptly posted on Snapchat. 

As it turns out, selfies with JLaw were all the rage, with one of Award Season's most talked about nominees - Jacob Tremblay of Room - also requesting one. He captioned the below "J-Trem meets J-Law #jenniferlawrence #oscarslunch #roomthemovie"

If you're hanging around to see what Lawrence and Gaga were wearing, the former went with a Stella McCartney suit (*GASPS* no, she wasn't wearing Dior for the first time in forever)...


While Gaga wore her favourite designer of the moment Christian Siriano.

Sadly we don't have one from the front, however we do have this lovely one from behind.

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