Gigi Hadid posted her Chinese Vogue cover...

Can you spot the difference? Gigi's many fans did. Have a gander at this and see if there's anything amiss. Here's a hint - her stomach is looking a little different.

Here's what her stomach usually looks like in magazines...

Indeed they have photoshopped all her moles. According to "The photo was taken by London-based photographer Solve Sundsbo, whose bio on his website says that "he has garnered respect for his [...] hand-painted retouching."


Some of the comments left under the photoshopped cover by friends include "Wow they totally covered up all your beauty marks on your stomach" and "WHERE ARE YOUR CUTE LIL FRECKLES?" Other commenters thought that her skin also looked lighter: "Look at her other pics. Gigi is tan. Not white."

Still, not everyone was ruffled: "People need to chill out. All the did was temove some moles. They did it to her first SI photos too. Its whatever. Who cares. We all love her moles they are cute ad hella and add personality but this marketer decided to market her this way. Her job is to appeal to the public and im china they really value fair, blemish free, clear skin so thats what they showed her as. Relax shes still perfect."

For all the freckle fans out there (myself included), here is Gigi in all her non-photoshopped glory.

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