Here's Kylie Minogue's Dig At Kylie Jenner's Trademark Claim

Trademarking of names is an important business for celebrities.

Since everyone is a 'brand', it's all about locking down the legal aspects so you can sell on tack to fans of celebrity culture. Sure enough, Kylie Jenner is trying lock down the trademark of her first name and has come up against some stiff competition in the form of the one true Kylie, Kylie Minogue.

So why does Kylie Jenner want to trademark her name? Well, as she was born into a horde of attention-grabbing celebrities, Kylie Jenner also has her picture taken and people give her money for that aspect because Western civilisation is crumbling. Kylie Minogue, meanwhile, is a singer-songwriter with over 30 years in the music industry and an accomplished actress, starring in such hits as Street Fighter and Neighbours.

Anyway, Kylie Jenner attempted to file a trademark claim on the word 'Kylie' and was quickly hit with a challenge by Kylie Minogue's legal team.


In case you can't read that, it pretty much says Kylie Jenner has no discernible talent and has pissed off people with disabilities and African-Americans.

Fair play to Kylie Minogue, she's calling it like she sees it. Minogue claims that Jenner's use of the word 'Kylie' would dilute her own brand, not to mention bringing up unwanted association with Jenner and the Kardashian Horde.

Let's hope this gets turned into a lengthy legal battle so we'll get to see more of this kind of high-brow slagging. Or better still, you could bring back MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch and have the two fight to see who wins.

The smart money is on Minogue. She'll drop Jenner in the first round, no question.

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