It puts the bronzer on its skin: William Belli's Beatdown takes the almighty piss out of YouTube Beauty vloggers

There is only one word for the popularity of YouTube vloggers: friggin' amazing.

Okay that's two words.  But you know what I mean.  When they're good they're really really good.  The professional vloggers like Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge are required watching for many of us and have inspired tons of girls around the world to pick up their makeup brushes and give this whole video malarky a go.

Which is brilliant, don't get me wrong.  Unfortunately though  this explosion in popularity has led to some almighty crap too. But it doesn't seem to matter - despite often ridiculous "haul" videos; well dodgy tutorials; meandering twenty minute clips recounting the events of the day and saying "guys" quite a lot - as the self styled Guru's (apostrophe intended) are racking up zillions of page views.

Willam Belli; actor, drag queen and professional snarker, has wriggled into his tightest bodycon dress, afixed his blonde wig and made a few videos of his own commenting on the rise and rise of the beauty vlogger.

Willam (who looks uncannily like a Nick Lachey-era Jessica Simpson) has appeared in several TV shows including Nip/Tuck, Criminal Minds and My Name Is Earl. After a short stint on American reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, he chose to turn his hand to YouTube videos - namely Willam’s Beatdown, a series of videos that ruthlessly pick on the absurdities of beauty vlogging and vlogging in general.



Willam swears like a sailor and shows off his chicken fillets (and impressive “tucking” skills) far too much for it to be decent but if you can see past the risqué humour, you can’t deny that he puts the beauty vlogger phenomenon into perspective. Plus, he has a body that would make 16-year-old gymnasts cry.

Currently on Episode 11 of the series, a new video goes up every Sunday.  It’s one of the highlights of my week, which says a lot about me.

What do you think of William?  Does he make you laugh - or cry?  Let us know in the comments!

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