J Law & Fassbender Will Discuss 'A Very Complicated Case' Tomorrow

The X-Men co-stars will have an entirely different beast on their hands this coming Friday in Montreal as the pair have been signed up to play Maude Lebowski and The Dude in a live reading of The Coen Brother's stoner film.

According to Uproxx, Jason Reitman is responsible for this potential Internet gold, after he nabbed Fassbender to play the role previously immortalised by Jeff Bridges. Seemingly "Fassbender talked up the Maude role to JLaw, who already wanted into the show."

Those also partaking in the reading include "Olivia Munn as Tara Reid’s Bunny Lebowski and Patton Oswalt as John Goodman’s Walter."

There are tickets reportedly still available (for some inexplicable reason) for tomorrow's reading at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival. I can't imagine Lawrence managing to get through this without guffawing... Will someone please take a video of the below scene and post it to the internet immediately. Thank you.


Is this something that wold tickle your fancy at a festival?

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