Jared Leto denies he fell in love with his glorious green coat

Say what you like about Jared Leto, he knows how to stand out with his fashion choices. Case in point, the green coat he wore to the Suicide Squad premiere.

There had been many jokes and memes about the quite simply fabulous green coat he wore on the red carpet, but the best without question had to be the one supposedly documenting the moment he first saw the coat at a Gucci fashion show. The look of true love.

Of course, then Leto had to go and ruin it all by explaining to Vanity Fair what was really going on at that fashion show, “The thing about the photo is — I’m going to be honest with you — I was actually making a face at someone across the runway."


However, he doesn't deny he has a strong attraction to Gucci clothing, "I have that feeling with most things [Gucci] makes because they make such beautiful things."

But it wasn't a case of love at first sight like we want to believe, "I was actually goofing off with a friend, and you can’t actually tell from the picture. Sorry to ruin your meme. Perception versus reality.”

Why can't you let us have nice things, Jared? WHY?!

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