Rose McGowan Has a Friend in Jessica Chastain over Casting Call

Yesterday, the news broke that Rose McGowan had been reportedly fired by her agent for making public the below casting call...

In case you're still trying to get your ahead around who the male actor may have been, she was insinuating that it was Adam Sandler.

As a result of the tweet, McGowan claimed her agent had let her go - a claim that her agency is now refuting. According to Uproxx, Innovative Artists are saying that Rose's agent left weeks ago: "Innovative said today that the agent in question, Sheila Wenzel - who also had worked with Amanda Seyfried and Britt Robertson - already had moved on from the agency before McGowan’s tweet. 'Sheila Wenzel, Rose McGowan’s primary agent, parted ways with Innovative before McGowan’s tweet yesterday,' it said in a statement. 'Wenzel was not the primary agent for Amanda Seyfried and Britt Robertson'.”

This is besides the point, really. The point is how these casting calls are the norm in Hollywood in 2015. And Rose's cohorts have started to speak out.


The Oscar nominee was responded to the below...

Heather Matarazzo of The Princess Diaries added...


Are you surprised that this level of sexism is still kicking up its heels in Hollywood?

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