JK Rowling outsmarts Piers Morgan in the best way

In case you were unaware, Piers Morgan and JK Rowling have been engaged in a bit of a feud on Twitter over the past week. 

Luckily for us and numerous celebrities, twitter feuds are a spectator sport and it truly has been great fun to look at. One of the more odd side effects to come out of the spat was the twitter account belonging to a bookshop in North London began tweeting every sentence from Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone at Morgan.

It seemed like the spat had died down but then yesterday, Rowling tweeted out the below passage about her asking if anyone knew who the writer was.

Piers being Piers, he couldn't resist the urge to jump on it.

There's only one problem Piers.


It turns out the writer of the passage Rowling posted was none other than Morgan himself in a piece he did for The Daily Mail back in 2010.

Piers attempted to back track later, claiming he knew what the piece was.


Though we're not all that convinced to be honest.


The saga continues...

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