Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas Win at Twitter Baba Announcements

As baby news via twitter goes, this post has to be the best. And it's especially funny now that comedian Johnny Vegas has considerably cut back on the pints...

True to form, Vegas was quick to respond with...

Maia and Johnny have enjoyed/endured/survived a long distance marriage, with him in the UK while she was concentrating on her career here. The couple married around 4 years ago, with only moving in together properly last year.


Of moving into her hubby's London home, Maia said to the Independent in March last year: "Our honeymoon was the longest time we've ever spent together. I'm terrified, to be honest! But seriously, it will be fine - we're not going to suddenly stop working and spend all our time together. Johnny's got a son (Michael), so I'll be spending more time with him."

And we're send our congratulations to them both from all at!

We'd love to know your pregnancy announcement stories! Let's get gabbing in the comments section!

Picture credit: Brian McEvoy

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