Maisie Williams's response to sexist headline is spot on

If there's one woman who has NO time for the internet's obsession with sexism it's Game of Thrones badass, Arya Stark.

Once again, the press has unfortunately failed to capture the actual story and instead, have honed in on something super trivial and pretty basic; Maisie Williams' bra, or lack thereof. On Saturday, the now nineteen-year-old actress attended the NSPCC Summer Masquerade Ball for which she wore a white lace dress. The fact that she was there to help raise much-needed funds for the NSPCC went largely unnoticed.

Unfortunately for the star and the charity in question, her 'daring' ensemble was deemed more headline-worthy than her charitable act and so, the Game of Thrones star took to Twitter to call out the Mail Online for their very sexist and ill-thought attempt at attention-grabbing headlines. Her response was one of the best we've seen in a world where casual sexism against women is, sadly, showing no signs of letting up. She screengrabbed the offending headline and completely shut it down, re-writing her own slant on things:



The tweet has been retweeted thousands of times now and the NSPCC have tweeted the actress thanking her for her support.

May we have more young women like Maisie, please.

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