Morto: Failure To Get Boots To Zip Over Calves Leads To Feelings Of Despair, Humiliation

As we've been discussing the delightful subject of boots lately there is one boots related issue that must be raised.

If there's anything more likely to make you feel like a "massive fatty" it's the failure to get that gorgeous pair of boots to zip over your chunky calves.

The struggle in the shoe shop is an embarrassment.  You feel as though the entire population of the world with their slender legs are gazing upon you with pity.


"Never gonna happen" Himself warns me now when he sees me looking longingly at certain types of boot.  "Try these instead" (handing me a more sturdy pair).  He knows you see.  He's witnessed too many scenes in shoe shops.

Does this happen to you?  Or do you find your boots slide up your gazelle like pins while the rest of us engage in battle with zipping up our hippoesque calves.


And as for getting jeans INSIDE the boots?  Lets not even go there.

No wonder so many people love Uggs eh?

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