North West Has Another NYFW Meltdown. Kanye Has His Theories

North West roared her head off during her daddy's fashion show (much to Anna Wintour's joy), and here she is, front row at Alexander Wang, bawling again. But WHY?!

Here's Kanye's theory: "Maybe she was just scared for her daddy... She just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place."

Here's Us Weekly's theory: "North was actually so good throughout Alexander's show but had a moment for one second when she saw a photographer on the other side of the runway with a toy monkey that looked exactly like her favorite one at home... She is obsessed with it and when she saw the photographer holding the same one, she started crying and reaching out with for it for a few seconds. But then it passed and she was good for the show. After the show, the photographer was really nice and came over and gave her the stuffed animal, and she was happy."


Here's my theory: She's a toddler who has NO INTEREST IN BEING SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE IN DARKNESS LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE WALK UP AND DOWN IN A STRAIGHT LINE - especially when one of them is her Aunty Kendall, looking like something off The Ring...

That would scare the bejaysis out of anyone, never mind a one-year-old. Would you bring a toddler to a fashion show? Apparently it's a question that needs to be asked.

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