Pic: Emmerdale's David & Debbie Announce Second Baby Joy

Yes, they're a couple for realz. Where have you been?

Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden were never going to announce the impending arrival of their second child (yep, they already have a kid together. Where have you been, etc, etc) with cuddly bump cradling shot. They needed signs, smiles and some fraught facial expressions courtesy of their soon to been "expired" only child, five-year-old Buster...

Seemingly Buster has been "desperate for a little brother." Poor little mite has no idea what's in store...

Matthew was quick to post his own announcement on twitter...


According to OK! magazine, the cast mates started dating in 2008, with "Matthew popping the question on Christmas Day in 2009" (typically soap). Things didn't go too well as they spit in 2013, but they recently got back together after "staying friends."

What do you think of this social media pregnancy announcement lark? We've seen real people (as in our friends) do it on Facebook and we don't know if it's cute or corny. Did you announce a pregnancy? Have you witnessed any good 'uns?

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