Pics: The Stars Treading The Billboards Red Carpet Last Night

Don't worry, micro minis, cutaway dresses and cleavage-baring bodices also featured heavily at last night's MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas - mostly thanks to Mariah Carey. 

Those also favouring the more traditional red carpet look-of-late include Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears alongside Iggy Azalea (they were performing Pretty Girls together, hence the random red carpet coupling), and Rita Ora...

As for Kylie Jenner, she went with the added accessory of a waist cincher, favoured by her big sister Khloe. Ouch. 

Now, to the trousers. Taylor Swift arrived in a white jumpsuit surrounded by her Bad Blood ladies (Calvin arrived separately), some of which were also embracing the pants...

Namely Zendaya...

As for Taylor's Balmain ensemble, here it is in all its glory... Yep. Flares. 


Also edging down the Studio 54 route was host Chrissy Teigen...

Those opting for a more structured look include Kendall Jenner in Balmain alongside fellow model (and Balmain peddler) Jourdan Dunn. Indeed Kendall is also sporting thigh-high boots masquerading as trousers, but a taylored black leg may have been the way to go. 

Anyone who busts out a leather jumpsuit in the desert heat of Las Vegas deserves a mention. Here's your mention, Tracee Ellis Ross .

And, lastly, one must give a nod to singer Dencia, proving that you don't need to turn up on a red carpet in a state of undress to get your name out there; she even has her hands covered. And as for the odd platforms, well, they're inspired. Anyone else expecting one of the eyes to wink before her special area starts singing Peter's Gabriel's Sledge Hammer?



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