Poll: How do you get around on a day to day basis?

I walk to work. And from work. And it's basically the only exercise I get (apart from the occasional jaunt around the shops at lunchtime).

On a typical day, my own two feet are my main mode of transport; the thought of hopping on a bus rarely crosses my mind and I only take the Luas occasionally, when it makes sense. Like if I'm going to Tallaght or Sandyford or some such faraway land. If I wasn't scared of Dublin traffic I might cycle (I do, in fact, own a bike but it's rusty and creaky and I can't find my helmet), so in general, walking it is.

If I'm going beyond the city I take the bus because I want to reduce my carbon footprint and - FINE - I don't drive. Cars are so expensive! On that note, it's very interesting how many people my age don't drive. Do you?

On a typical day, how do you get around? If you do one thing, would you prefer to do another? Do you think transport services in Ireland are good enough for the typical resident, or indeed, for tourists? Let's chat about this like we're on LiveLine (it's a disgrace, Joe!).


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