Preventative eating: an actual thing? Or not?

But listen this might happen to me later

I had a friend who would never go anywhere without a little snack in her bag.

Some biscuits or crisps - a bar of chocolate maybe.

"It's the thought of being hungry" she explained. "I can't bear it. What if I was stuck somewhere with no food anywhere and the hunger struck me?

"And if I know there's going to be a big gap between meals, I'll stuff myself so that I'm as full as I can possibly be to reduce the chance of hunger later."


I was really surprised at the time but now I find that this is more common than you'd think. "Oh yeah" people have said to me. "Preventative eating. You know eating more on the off chance you might miss a meal".

I know diabetics have to carry snacks around with them - but the rest of us? Is this something you do too?

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