So it turns out we've been pronouncing Zara wrong this whole time

Of course we've been pronouncing Zara right, because it's just Zara, yeah? Z.A.R.A. Zara!

Nope, it's Spanish, so the correct way to say Zara is 'Tsah-dah'. But we're pretty sure people would just think we were drunk if we said it like that.

You know Clinique? It's actually pronounced "Clee-neeque", as the 'i' in French sounds more like an 'e'. A similar French language rule applies for Garnier. You're not actually supposed to pronounce the 'r' at the end of the word.

Well, don't we feel like the fool. All this time we've been going around pronouncing some big brand names all wrong like a SCHMUCK.

The research was done by The Today Show in America, who also made the video below to show that we're not alone in our mispronouncing stupor.


One point that may be of interest to anyone who has ever had the argument over how to pronounce 'Adidas' with an American - you can rest assured that us Europeans are doing it the right way.

Most Americans will say 'A-DEE-das, however, the emphasis is supposed to be more on the 'A', because it's German, so 'AH-dee-das.

How many do you say they way they were meant to be said? And how many have you been making a complete dog's dinner of all this time?


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