Sofia Vergara's Favourite Designer is Creating Her Wedding Dress

She's worn him to The Oscars Vanity Fair party, and she's worn him to The Golden Globes, The Emmys and pretty much everything in between. No, we're not just talking about fiancee Joe 'Magic Mike' Manganiello; we're talking about designer Zuhair Murad.

Whenever he dresses her, she looks stunning. Therefore, it makes total sense for Sofia Vergara would commission him to adorn her in a custom-made wedding dress on November 22nd at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach.

According to Us Weekly: "The pair recently sent out luxurious 8-by-8-inch invitations for the affair. “They’re classy and white,” says the source. “It cost around $7 to mail each one!” Guests will be treated to a Saturday night cocktail reception, followed by the couple's vows on Sunday, planned by celebrity wedding consultant Mindy Weiss."


Speaking of the vast guest list during a recent appearance on Kimmel, the 43-year-old actress mentioned that the guest list number is around 400, "200 are, like, my family." Imagine the seating plan. MARE.

One of the guests will be her on screen daughter-in-law, Julie Bowen, who has quite the insight into her co-star's relationship. Seemingly Joe is "like a caveman... It’s sexy! I love it. She’s so strong, and so [used to] calling the shots all the time, and then you see them together and there’s a part of her that kind of melts. It just warms your heart when you see that, because it’s not all the time that you can tell that there’s an aspect to this relationship that’s very - how shall we say? - primal."

We'll leave it there. Breaking out in a sweat.

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