The Huberman Effect: Biker Jacket Sells Out After Funny Instagram

Just a few days ago, Amy Huberman posted the below pic of her churning up her back yard on a scrambler, complete with biker jacket.

Captioned, "Testing out my new biker jacket, thank you @mintvelvet #elevate #mintyfresh," it was only a matter of days (two to be exact) before the garment sold out.

According to Independent Style: "the Dove Suede Biker Jacket, which retails for €180, has sold out both online and in retailers in Ireland and the UK nearly immediately after she shared the picture."


Unsurprisingly, Mint Velvet were only thrilled with the endorsement: "Amy is the epitome of a Mint Velvet shopper - relaxed glamour and a strong sense of self. While the jacket pictured on her Instagram is no longer available, there will be a new suede jacket in our new AW15 collection that takes its inspiration from a similar trend."

Then it was back to business as usual, with the mum posting this very cute albeit Bunny Boiler themed pic thanks to a very lovely Jellycat: "Uh oh. I think my two year old is stalking me."

Will you be waiting with baited breath to see the biker alternative Mint Velvet have on the way, or are you a bit 'meh' when it comes to the current biker trend?

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