Tom Hanks crashed a wedding photo shoot, because he's Tom Hanks

While the bride and groom are meant to be the centre of attention on their wedding day, it's hard to compete against a high-profile actor. However, for someone as charismatic as Tom Hanks, I’m sure they didn’t mind temporarily sharing the limelight.

Photographer Meg Miller was working in Central Park over the weekend when Tom Hanks approached the newlyweds she was photographing.

The happy couple, Elisabeth and Ryan, were only too happy to meet the actor, who shook their hands, kissed the bride’s hand and wished the pair congratulations.

Hanks even took a selfie with the couple, which he posted on his Instagram.

Great pictures and great memories (or should we say BIG pictures and BIG memories!):




Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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