Victoria Beckham's Pants are the Talk of the Town

Remember yesterday when Cara had a bit of a Twitter tirade against paparazzi? We kind of feel her pain. Although it's on a smaller level, normal folk like you and me just can't go out and enjoy ourselves anymore without the risk of anything we do being caught on camera and shared around Twitter, Facebook or even a WhatsApp group.

There you are, on a night out with friends and the hubby - or, to be more specific - hosting a big bash to promote your designer brand at London Fashion Week. You decide to let loose a bit, and unfortunately that means sloshing a drink down your lap, which obviously resulted in the inevitably damp-look crotch.

Cue a flurry of less than flattering accusations. Poor Victoria!

Needless to say, not everyone on the internet is giving her the benefit of the doubt...

The big mystery here is why Victoria has chosen to throw her jacket over her left arm, when throwing it over her right arm and positioning it in front of her damp lap would've been the way to go. Then again, not half as many news outlets would be talking about her and her #VBDoverSt at #LFW, now would they?


Here she is, prior to the incident, enjoying the company of Naomi Campbell and some balloons at the event.

Having a grand old time.

And "insider" at the do had this to say to Us Weekly: "Victoria had been working so hard ahead of her show. She’s been running around and using every ounce of her energy. She let her hair down last night and had a few drinks. Victoria was having an amazing time at the event, she just spilled some wine on herself. She did not pee her pants! It was odd she didn’t change her clothes, but she was just ready to go home, she said she worked harder this week than any other week in her life."

Have to say, suffered a similar incident - while visibly pregnant. I was at a do with the hubby and everyone was getting slightly sloshed (apart from myself, obviously), when some wan knocked an entire table of pints onto my lap. Not a good look when trying to flag a taxi home...


Has something like this happened to you? Does someone have a series of snaps of you that don't paint you in the best light? Can anyone get away with just having a quiet night away from the camera anymore?

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