Watch: Mila Kunis Has Just Left Her 4-Month-Old Baby For The First Time

Ah. The first time you leave the child. It's either the best or the worst feeling in the world. Either way, it doesn't make you a bad parent - you gots to pay the bills!

Mila Kunis has crawled out of the baby bubble to promote her new film Jupiter Ascending, and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. She's namely petrified that her child has been left with her over excitable father...I relate. Lara was only a couple of weeks old when I found the husband holding her aloft, flying her around the living room.

As for how she entertains the baby - apart from hauling her around in a papoose while she hikes all day (whatever about how she lost the baby weight; how does one get such lustrous shoulders?!), apparently Wyatt is into playing with "rope or string", which immediately raises alarm bells, but sure I'm sure she keeps a close eye on her.


Tis a far cry from the early days when Ashton Kutcher made her go on Tinder and Grinder... Imagine finding Mila and her shiny shoulders on Tinder.

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