We Heart Ellen! She Tests Halle's New Bra Range by Stuffing Them Silly

Not everyone has $5,000 in cash to spare - or an oversized glass box with it's own weather system - but Ellen does. So here she is, testing the endurance levels of Halle Berry's new French lingerie line, Scandale Paris, while making two audience members a bit richer in the process. 

Speaking of her new side project, the 48-year-old Oscar winner (who's married to actor Olivier Martinez) said: "Yeah, I'm big [into lingerie] and being married to a French man you kind of have to be... That's part of it... I thought this is a great thing to bring back home and sell it at Target where people can really afford beautiful, sexy lingerie... They're beautiful, all the laces are beautiful and of quality. It's a good value."

And, if you weren't convinced enough, she ended her pitch with: "These things are in my drawer."


They retail at approximately $18, which we think is indeed good value. 

Speaking as someone with a particularly tricky bra size, I've no option to fork over in the region of €50 for a boulder holder. What's the most you're willing to pay for a bra, and if you've stumbled across a place that sells a wide range for a reasonable price, do feel free to spill!

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