What are Celebs Sporting for Halloween So Far This year?!

Every year we find ourselves scrambling around our hotpress, blindly attacking a sheet with a blunt pair of scissors because we've been coerced into attending a fancy dress at the last minute. This year, don't let that sad ghost be you - take inspiration from a few celebrities who are always ahead of the game (especially considering Halloween isn't until Saturday). Generally, costumes tend to fall into the below "categories", which is always a good starting point. 

'Superhero'. Here we have Kourtney Kardashian - pointing out that she is indeed Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, step-brother Brody Jenner grabbed a belt and a pair of dungarees in a quest to embody a "hillbilly"

While we're not sure which superhero Lily Collins falls under, she's wearing a tutu and a tiny cape, so that's enough commitment for us.

'Sexy Cat' is always a firm favourite, and is generally an easy enough look to achieve (black leggings, black turtle neck, cat ears, rake load of eyeliner) but Sarah Hyland's gone above and beyond with her alluring ode to Marie from Disney's Aristocats for Matthew Morrison’s Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Christina Milian also opted for Sexy Cat, alongside Horny Devils John Stamos and Josh Peck...

Elsewhere, Robert Downey Junior had his own interpretation of sexy cat...


Filed under 'Arbitrary Popstar' we have Nina Dobrev as pulling her best Posh Spice...

Next, we have an "arbitrary popstar" dressed as a the Hamburglar, thanks to Nick Jonas...

We also have Beyonce as Storm (with an extra bang of banshee)

Lastly, we have 'Celebrities doing dead celebrities', courtesy of Miranda Kerr...


Consider yisserselves inspired.


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