What? Naomi Campbell is in Dublin? Get Outta Our Way!

Naomi Campbell has been unveiled as the new face of Newbridge Silverwear by the Kildare jewellery brand today in an announcement conference in Dublin's Merrion Hotel, and it's safe to say that everyone is losing their collective shizzle over it.

The most famous supermodel in the world (just don't tell Janice Dickinson that) is sure to cause quite a frenzy while she's in town amongst fashionistas and celeb spotters alike.

Where will the fashion icon stop next? Who knows, but there'll probably be a bit of fanfare wherever it is. They'll just need to bolt down all the phones wherever it is.


Campbell's next TV appearance will be on 'American Horror Story: Hotel' in which she plays a fashion editor type á la Anna Wintour who will more than likely bite the dust in a gruesome fashion. Whether or not we'll be seeing some Newbridge Silverwear on her when it happens remains to be seen but knowing how Campbell likes to do everything in style, we wouldn't be surprised if we did.

Have you spotted La Campbell around town?

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