Yep, Ireland is Still Near the Top of Europe's Expensive Countries List

We know that we're probably always going to be one of the most expensive countries in Europe. But just once we'd like to read an article that has us placed behind someone other than Sweden and Denmark.

If you're looking for something similar, you're in luck, because the UK is now ahead of us too, according to the latest figures from Eurostat.

Apart from that it's same old, same old. There's been plenty of decreases in the prices of certain products, like food, drink, clothing and transport, but we've made up for that by paying more for hotels, restaurants, education, and housing.

A great example of that is the price of petrol falling, but the cost of insurance going up will leave us much better off in terms of cash in our pockets.


And here we are compared to Germany in terms of just about everything you can buy. Germany was once the most expensive country in Europe, around the 1970's, but currently sits 16% cheaper than Ireland. How the times change, eh?

Via Irish Times 

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