Buyers remorse: how much stuff have you got in the wardrobe with the tags still on?

I'm regretting you already

You know the old saying - "you only wear 10% of your wardrobe 90% of the time" ?  Well it is probably true isn't it (and so is the fact that you only use a smallish percentage of your beauty goodies all of the time too).

But how many clothes have you got WITH THE TAGS STILL ON THEM?


Yes, I'm talking to you.  How many clothes have you bought, decided they were a terrible mistake once you got them home and er, never got around to taking them back to the shop.

And now they're hanging in the wardrobe, a visual reminder of wasted money, of ridiculous impulse buying and the horrible fact that you never lost the weight to fit into that size-too-small dress.

Go on - we've all done it - admit your mistakes!

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