This dress will save every autumn wardrobe dilemma this season

Maybe not this exact dress, because inevitably it won't be to everyone's taste, but something very like it

You can always count on Zara to come up with a piece or two that everyone ends up wearing all season long. Its reputation for having a maybe too close an 'appreciation' for designer friends means mere mortals can dress like the fancy without the spends.

This dress is totally on trend for this autumn/winter, but it's not too trendy. Not everyone will love it, but let me tell you why it may just be the best thing you buy this month.


zara dress

Zara €59.95

The so-called 'kimono' style is very flattering on most figures. The long sleeves make it quite modest, yes; but look at the slit. Sneaky sex appeal. You can wear it as a dress, with the sleeves rolled up, for louche chic on a night on the town. You can layer it with a polo neck, as Zara does, for work.

We'll be wearing it over jeans, the layering trick of the year. We might even use it as a sort of coat. This versatile dress is one you could wear every day of the week if you like. We're sold.

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