How to wear ballet flats

Ballet flats are back in fashion. Here's how to wear them without looking like a golf club.

In the height of the ballet flat boom, Victoria Beckham famously dismissed them. Remember when she wouldn't be seen dead in anything except massively high shoes? Around that time she said wearers of the beloved ballet flats and skinny jeans outfit looked like golf clubs. She said she "just can't concentrate in flats". Then she said "I beyond hate ballerina flats." Then, she slipped a disc after having her daughter Harper in 2011 and was forced to change her footwear, and her tune.

Now, every woman is allowed to change her mind and her style. Victoria wears runners now, for God's sake. But, to be honest, we were with Victoria in her opinion on ballet flats. Back then, they were - I hate to say it - basic. In the past year, though, they've made a quiet comeback. And they may now. Just ask the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine.

Here she is wearing them with the skirt of the summer.

Leandra Medine


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Ballet flats are actually classic footwear that can look very stylish. Their reputation was sullied when everyone started wearing them with shoe-lining socks that you could see and skinnies, but it wasn't their fault, it was all in the styling.

You can't just wear ballet flats; they're not the handy wear-with-anythings you think they are. To wear them the chic way, you should rethink how you would traditionally wear them. Instead of with skinny jeans, wear with wide trousers. If you want to wear with a dress, make sure it's a mini. Don't wear plain black tights, either; wear them sheer with polka dots.


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Also, consider a different shape. Pointed ballet flats can actually make the leg look longer and slimmer - you don't need high heels to fake height. They don't have to be the traditional pink colour, either (although a 'skin' shade can be very handy, especially in summer when you don't want to wear sandals). Why not try a bright colour. An orange, just say, is unexpected and would liven up a pair of black cigarette pants.

The dream, of course, is to have a pair from Chanel, but if that's a little out of your price range, you can always count on Topshop to have their classic 'Verity' pumps in pink and black.

ballet flats topshop


Topshop Verity Ballet Pumps 16 


What do you think of ballet flats? Would you reconsider styling them a different way or are skinnies the only way?

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