5 Types of Bags Every Woman Needs

Bags are a key part of every woman's wardrobe, but different occasions require different bags. Here are the 5 bags every woman needs.

Firstly, my general rule with bags is to stick with colours that compliment your wardrobe. This is different for every person, depending on how colourful you like to dress.

Personally, I like to stick with buying black or neutral coloured bags but you may find that blue, pink or yellow bags work best for you!

Doing this means that you don't have to go out and buy a new bag every few months for that wedding, holiday, night out or concert you have planned.


A clutch is a necessity for a night out or a wedding when you don't have too many items to bring with you, plus they act as a gorgeous final touch to any outfit.

A simple envelope style clutch will work with any outfit, this cute pink one is on Asos for €16.59.


Crossbody bags are so versatile, you can use them for day trips, shopping trips,  bring them with you on holidays or to carry your purse and keys while doing your food shop.

Crossbodies are generally relatively small which is great for those of us who have the tendency to stuff our bags with too much stuff, this classy mocha crossbody is on Asos for €41.48.

Shopper bag

Shopper bags are the perfect everyday bag. They're great to bring to work as they are just the right size to fit the essentials plus a notebook, lunch box, tablet or lightweight laptop.


Some people might be turned off by the lack of a zip or button to close a shopper bag but many of them now come with a small zip-up pouch that you can keep your valuables in. This minimal black shopper bag is on Asos for €34.56.


Backpacks are not just for children and students, they have come back into fashion and there are lots of stylish and functional ones to choose from.

If you bring a laptop or a lot of stuff with you to work every day a backpack could be the perfect solution that will save you some shoulder pain.

Fjallraven is a very popular brand that sells amazing quality, durable backpacks. They are on the pricey side, retailing for €110.60 on Asos but one of their backpacks will last you many years.

Mini backpacks are also a trendy alternative to a crossbody, this brown crocodile effect mini backpack is on Asos for €30.42.

Cloth Tote bag

A simple cloth tote bag is an absolute essential, they are great for any kind of shopping and an easy way to be more environmentally friendly.

You can pick them up pretty much anywhere but this quirky zebra printed one is on Asos for €11.06.



What's your favourite type of bag to use for every day?

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