Pippa O'Connor's Ladies Day dress may have changed the Best Dressed game

If Pippa O'Connor wasn't judging Best Dressed at the Dublin Horse Show Ladies Day, she would have won it

Pippa O'Connor galloped down to the Shelbourne Hotel yesterday to celebrate the #MostStylishFillies. The place was giddy with excitement, hat feathers quivering in anticipation. 'Twas like an Irish wedding but without all the attention being directed at a pesky bride.

Pippa O'Connor, assisted by a pink gin cocktail and other people wearing flower crowns chose... someone as the #MostStylish. We couldn't find who the winner was anywhere, because who cares?! Look at what the Entire Nation's Best Dressed Lady was wearing!


No hat, unfortch, but that would have distracted from her lovely head.

The dress is by Self Portrait, but it's clearly NOT an Azalea, which is so two seasons ago by now. And that's why Ms O'Connor changes the racing game. Her edgy choice sans hat says, "Fit and flare is OVER, gals!" Take note.

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