Victoria Beckham is trying to bring back THE most noughties shoes

And we're kinda scared

Camel and navy shade combo: nice. Wide legged pants: so on trend. Huge, patent platform: please God, no.

Why, Victoria Beckham, why? While we realise wide legged pants are notoriously difficult to match with shoes (what did you pair with those flared jeans that were back in fashion for about a minute last year?), it didn't have to be these.

The last time we saw Victoria in a ridiculously high pair of platforms was when she was a guest at Kate and Wills' wedding (and pregnant with Harper, remember?). Since then, against everything she claimed she would never do in the past, she has been spotted in flats and even runners. She wore a pair of flat sandals with wide legged pants and a crisp shirt to her own fashion show a back in September last year, for God's sake. There was no need for this.

The good old days:

GAT Images/Cover Images

The suit is from her own AW17 collection, and she sent her models down the runway in pointed heels, which was a much better idea.

GAT Images/Cover Images

Wide pants and shirts is her favourite outfit of late - and we love it too - but until now, her shoe choice was a mystery. Maybe she just didn't bank on it being windy?

Oh, there's a hint of shoe that isn't a platform. What possessed you, Posh? Or, am I having a complete overreaction? Is it time for the platform to return?

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